May 16, 2021


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ShadowBrat Archetypes

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B:.5 A:1.5 R:.5 S:.5 C:2 I:1.5 L:.5 W:.5 E: I: IP: MR: E:1
Sling Shot 4 Jr. Influence 3 Jr. Firearms 2 Steering Ground Craft 3

Fraidy Cat

B: A: R: S: C: I: L: W: E: I: IP: MR: E:

Sandbox Bully

B:2 A:1 R:.5 S:1.5 C:.5 I:.5 L:.5 W:.5 E:6 I:1 IP:1 MR:- E:1
Jr. Athletics 3 Jr. Intimidation 4 Jr. Close Combat 2 Evade 2 3KP

The Pushover

B:1.5 A:1 R:.5 S:1 C:.5 I:.5 L:.5 W:.5 E:6 I:1 IP:1 MR:- E:1
Jr. Athletics 3 Jr. Stealth 3 Jr. Perception 3 Evade 3 Important Adult Conversations 1 The Rules 1 Spying Tactics 1 Armored Lolita Dress Socks Makeup Kit Wooly Hat

Shy Kid

B:.5 A:1 R:1 S:.5 C:.5 I:1 L:1 W:1 E:6 I: IP: MR:1 E:2
Jr. Athletics 2 Jr. Mechanics 2 Rockets 2 Falling 1

Preschool Geek

B:.5 A:.5 R:.5 S:.5 C:1 I:1 L:1.5 W:.5 E:6 I: IP:1 MR:1 E:2
Jr. Athletics Group 1 Jr. Electronics Group 2 Jr. Cracking 2 Academic Knowledge (Mathematics) 1 Jr. Perception 3 Jr. Archery 2 7.5KP Thick-rimmed glasses Armored plaid vest Button-down ballistic shirt Kevlar shorts with suspenders Trainers Nunchuks Chemistry Set Slingshot


B:2 A:.5 R:.5 S:2 C:.5 I:.5 L:.5 W:.5 E: I: IP: MR: E:2
Influence Group 3 Jr. Firearms 2 Jr. OUtdoors 2

Little Mommy

B:1.5 A:.5 R:.5 S:1.5 C:.5 I:1 L:.5 W:1 E:6 I:1 IP:1 MR:1 E:1
Jr. Athletics Group 3 Brawling 2 Jr. Influence Group 2 Evade 3 Perception 3 First Aid 3 Japanese 2 English 1 Emulation 1 Make Up .5 Home-Organizing 1 Make-Believe Land 1 Armored Frock Armored Jumper Leggings Mini First Aid Kit (bandaids etc.) Fingerless gloves 3 Toy Drones (Mommy's Helper® Vacuum Drone, Mommy's Helper® Little Chef Drone, Mommy's Helper® I Love Dolly® Drone)


B:1 A:.5 R:1 S:.5 C:1 I:.5 L:.5 W:.5 E:6 I:1.5 IP:1 MR:- E:2
Junior Athletics Group 2 Junior Influence Group 4 (5) Jab 2 BB Guns 2 Dress Up 3 Retrace Steps 2 Knot Tying 2 Finding 2 Lockpicking 1 Evade 1 Pirate Movies 3 Mini Raiper Knife (in boot) BB Gun "Musket" Armored Pirate Outfit 4/0 Ballistic Head Scarf +1/0 Hair Beads Swashbuckling Sash Swashbuckling Boots Waist Pouches Lunch Pail Spyglass Parakeet Scooter

Goodie Two Shoes

B:1 A:.5 R:.5 S:1 C:.5 I:.5 L:.5 W:.5 E: I: IP: MR: E:1
Armored Dress Ballistic Head Scarf



B:{=$:Body} A:{=$:Agility} R:{=$:Reaction} S:{=$:Strength} C:{=$:Charisma} I:{=$:Intuition} L:{=$:Logic} W:{=$:Willpower} E:{=$:Essence} I:{=$:Initiative} IP:{=$:IPs} MR:{=$:MagRes} E:{=$:Edge}
{=$:Skills} {=$:Spells} {=$:Equipment}