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This site was built by the plural activist The Crisses as a place for bio family to store brainstorms on Shadowrun universe stuff and consolidate links to external Shadowrun resources. We considered making it public but basically just kept it on stealth by not having external links pointing to the site.

This site is a bit out of date, but feel free to use the resources here for your own games. We're not currently running any Shadowrun games and don't have the luxury time to even consider doing so nor space to keep a bookshelf (we're currently homeless).

If someone has something amusing to add, we could possibly toss it onto the site. but this site cannot become a full-time job. It's mainly here because we love Shadowrun, maybe will pick up games again someday, and because we sometimes forget what we put on the site and poking around gives us a good laugh.

You may reach The Crisses at:



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