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Gear & Expenses for Shadowbrats

[See Also Gear/ClothesAndAccessories for children's and babies' clothes and accessories.]

Take Your Child to Work™ - Armored Children's Accessories

Bassinette (hard)
Stroller (hard)
Modular Stroller - add-ons for 2-6 babies
Baby Backpack (hard frame-pack)
Baby Sling (soft-pack)
Stealthy Baby™ Bunting

Under-Armor Snuggli™ (soft-pack)
for newborns and tiny infants, keep them under your armor. (not compatible with adult's form-fitting-body-armor).

Helmet (hard)
Crib (hard)
Playpen (hard)
Portable Playpen (soft)
Carseat (hard & soft)

Double-Decker car seats
for lucky Orc families, you can now fit 2 babies in one adult seat in your car!
Baby-On-Board Baby Window Shield
(does not say "Baby On Board" because they found it statistically drew more fire and they didn't want any more lawsuits).
Sidecar built for 2
Armored sidecar for 2-3 young children, with enclosure.
Baby Buddy
motorcycle baby seat
Bike Buddy
motorcycle child seat

Daily Care

(contains tutorsofts to teach children and activesofts to participate in activities, etc.) - if a medkit or autodoc can administer first aid, a RoboSitter can change diapers. So there.
RoboSitter™ diaper clip
just lock & load, good for 20 diaper changes! Great for Orc families.
Play-Date Play-Mate™
socialize your child with this deluxe robotic companion. Includes our new patented SocialSofts™ to insure your shut-in isn't shut-out.



Remote-Controlled/Rigged Toys

Trucks (Fire Trucks)

Electronic Games & Accessories

Trode Wizard Cap
"VR" Gaming set
Portable "VR" Gaming set

Toy Weapons

Rubber Dart Gun
Water Pistol 1/2S
BB Gun 1S/1P
Sling Shot 1S/1P

Toy Drones

Mommy's Helper® Vacuum Drone
Mommy's Helper® Little Chef Drone
Mommy's Helper® I Love Dolly® Drone
Bust-A-Move (Toy Walker Drone)
MCT’s Bust-A-Move p. 115, Arsenal
Best Friend Puppets p. 115, Arsenal (under MCT's Bust-A-Move)

Other Toys

(Armored?) Stuffies
Pail & Shovel
Bottle Caps
Trading Cards

Learning Aids/Instructional Toys

Einstein's Child™ Chemistry Set


Mini Cars

Home Modifications

Indoor Playset
Outdoor Playset

Sony Jr. Danger Room™ Training Set (Youth)
This training set is 2 stories tall, (approximately 5 meters tall) thus requires a loft apartment or warehouse for indoor installation. Stand-alone building installations available for an extra fee. Installation included. Contains rope ladders, brick walls, stuck window, fire escape, air duct crawl, Nerf assault station, cliff-hang over soft-floor sensor pit, rolling floors, elevator shaft climb, and roof-to-roof tightrope climb simulator.
Sony Sr. Danger Room™ Training Set (Teen/Adult)
This training set is 3 stories tall (approximately 8 meters tall), thus requires a double-loft apartment or 3-story warehouse for installation. Stand-alone building installations available for an extra fee. Installation included. Contains everything in the Jr. set (sized to teen/adult) replacing the Nerf assault station with a full-body laser shooting gallery (2 adult-human-sized laser sensor suits included, other models available for extra) And these extras: fence topped with barbed wire, a nightingale floor, laser maze, security sensors (motion & sound detectors, thermal sensors), security cameras, sheer vertical & overhanging walls, training maglocks, keyed locks with randomized tumblers, and built-in automatic alarm system with high-resistance security node, grey IC, and security agent. Who can get through the maze fastest without triggering an alert?

Tumbling Set (baby through intermediate)
Gymnastics Set (pre-teen to adult)

Olympic Gymnastics Set
Comes in 3 styles: men's/women's/combo - combo includes both men's & women's horses, rings, parallel & uneven-parallel, balance beam, etc. with a large freestyle floor-mat.

Pool (kiddie)
Pool (standard, installed)
Pool (olympic, installed)
Pool maintenance (monthly)


Amusement Park Ticket
Theme Park Ticket
Local Arcade (per Hour)
Activity Center

Young Metahumans Cardiovascular Health Association - rebranded in 2016, this is the same as a stereotypical YMCA -- pool, gym, basketball courts, martial arts, etc. along with childcare and afterschool programs.

Museum Entrance Fee
Convention Fee (Comic, Anime, CosPlay, Historical Re-Creation, RolePlay, VR/AR Gaming)
Shadowbrat Convention Fee - by invitation only, location undisclosed
Shadowrunner Convention Fee - by invitation only, location undisclosed

Gotta Run
Family style Shadowrunner club sets-up & takes-down in a different location every month (even in different cities!). Contains runner-class Danger Room™ simulations and offers prizes for the family who can get through the maze fastest without setting off the alarm. First Rule of Gotta Run: Don't Talk about Gotta Run.