May 16, 2021


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Crescent - 11-year-old Orc Technomancer example

Before creating my Runner Child system I sketched out an 11 year old Orc technomancer. I wasn't satisfied with the results.

Given Orc maturity levels, and that I'd pegged this child as runner-caliber material, I had given her 248BP. It's not terribly far off what my new system gives her. She has 33BP more she can spend, but her stats drop significantly (which seems quite fair). Now, given my new system, I re-create her for a side-by-side comparison:

Choose Metatype

She is a female orc. Let's assume she goblinized at some point, which could be determined if we wanted to build her year-by-year, but for now we'll just build her straight up at 11 years 5 months old.

She will get 281 BP ((25*11)+6). Way more than I allocated to her in the first place.

She has plenty BP to have already goblinized so she has (subtract 20BP for Orc) 261BP remaining for Qualities, Skills, Abilities, etc.

Pick Qualities

I said she's a technomancer...
Technomancer (5bp), Analytical Mind (5bp), More than Metahuman (5bp), School of Hard Knocks (5BP +1 any street knowledge skills, for having grown up in the Orc Underground). That maxes out her 20 BP in positive qualities for a child character (and exactly matches what I gave her before).

Purchase Attributes

Base attributes for an Orc (since she is now goblinized) -- so I divide all the racial minimums by 2, then add in the points I had already allocated towards attributes (130BP). She can have up to 140 BP in attributes (281/2=140.5), so this is fine.

She is 11 years old, so according to the Child Metatype Table puberty is approximately 9 years old for an orc. She has had 3 birthdays (9th, 10th, 11th) during puberty so she gets to "mature" 3 attributes. She chooses to "mature" 3 mental stats: Charisma, Logic and Intuition. So here's her stats (i=immature, m=mature, max natural attribute in parenthesis):

B:2 i (4.5) C:2 m (5)
A:1.5 i (3) I:3 m (6)
R:1.5 i (3) L:4 m (5)
S:1.5 i (4) W:2 i (3)

Given her age, I find these stats much more acceptable than the ones she had before (all physical stats at 3 & Body of 4).

She spends 20BP on Resonance (now 3), and 10BP on Edge (now 2).

Including her metatype cost, she now has 101 BP remaining (Attributes 130BP; Special Attributes 30BP; Qualities 20BP; = 180. 281-180=101BP remaining).

Acquire Skills/Spells/Powers

Here's what she had before:

Skills: Tasking group 2 (20bp), Cracking group 2 (20bp), Electronics Group 1 (10bp), Etiquette 2 (Street +2) (10bp), Ork Underground (KN) 3, Seattle Underworld 2, Or'zet N, English 3, (and 13 more free knowledge points to spend before game play begins). = 60bp

Complex Forms: Analyze 2, Browse 2, Command 1, Edit 2, Exploit 2, Stealth 3, Decrypt 3, Defuse 3 = 18bp

Given her age & maturity level, plus the amount of BP she has to spend, these are all "fair enough".

This is 78BP leaving her with (101-78=) 23BP which could be contacts in the Orc Underground, or a few lingering childlike skills or a few very prized possessions.

Assign Resources

She's a child who lives in the commune-like environment of the Ork Underground. Her parents presumably pay for her lifestyle by working in the Underground. She spends 1BP on miscellaneous resources, personal items, saved-up allowance, gifts and cherished items, special clothing, etc. I can specify these before game play begins.

She has 22 BP left.

Finishing Touches

She allocates BP to contacts:
Orc Underground Leader:2 Loyalty/4 Connection
Orc Merc Leader:1 Loyalty/2 Connection
Lisa ("Florida"):2 Loyalty/1 Connection
=12BP, leaving 10 BP.

I decide to leave 10BP in her BP Pool and that frees up 10 Lessons she has in her pool. She can use these Lessons to refresh her Edge pool in case she gets into trouble in spite of having 3 Edge.