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Stalker, who is entirely SINless now, is also known by the first name Sri (which was her mother's stage name). She lives in Redmond where her neighbors know her only as an eccentric former Trid star from B-rated films. This is entirely fictitious. They think she stays holed up in her home, rarely accepting visitors, and that she only occasionally goes out for a drive in her beautiful Eurocar. Well, the latter is true, anyway.

In reality, Stalker grew up the illegitimate daughter of a police captain and the Japanese Trid star she impersonates between runs. Very few people know who she really is, although if she were ever caught and put under extreme scrutiny it would become obvious. One of the people who knows is her father's former partner, an old street cop who never got the promotion.

When she was a child, Sri trained for decathlons and gymnastics. She was an excellent athlete, a hopeful for competitions, but she never made the cut. She would have been disappointed, but she didn't care for the spotlight the way her mother did. In fact, her mother got much more out of her successes than she did. However, the competitions she did win helped pay for her education later. Meanwhile, because she was touring and training so often, she was homeschooled and was able to learn a great deal outside the normal curriculum. She took martial arts classes, practiced archery, joined a debate team, learned sign language, and spent time with her father when she could. Her father would occasionally visit their rich home in Redmond under the pretense of helping her mother out with her car. Sri would spend long hours helping her father tinker with the beast, souping it up, maintaining it, and he'd take great pains to explain to her what he was doing. At the same time, she learned a lot about car's computers and electrical systems. Her father would talk about his time in the armed forces, covert operations, weapons, demolitions, and more.

Unfortunately, Sri and her father had a falling out. Sri's father was a human bigot, and she knew he had become one of the Alamos 20,000. When he started talking about metahumans and human purity, Sri started distancing herself from him. It didn't seem like the father who used to show her how to fix cars and talked about his time in the armed forces defending people's rights. Something wasn't right about it.

When Sri's athletic career dreams crashed and burned, she returned to high school. That's where she met Kai, and had her first real crush. Kai was a new schoolmate, a real natural-born charmer with a personality of gold and a strong sense of ethical responsibility. Perhaps she fell in love with the resemblance to the person she wished her father still was. Anyway, she even dated him once, which could have gone worse she supposes. She even kicked some ass when people bothered him about being an elf at school. Kai refused to fight them, sidestepping and blocking all their attempts to hurt him. Sri walked over and started kicking ass and taking names. The kids went away.

Another day when they were hanging out together, Sri succumbed to SURGE. It was a day that Kai will never forget. His best friend collapsed, insensible, and screamed that she was going blind, and he kept her from clawing her eyes out. It also turned into his Awakening event. But more about that another time. He managed to get her to medical attention after she fell unconscious.

Sri ended up in the hospital due to her SURGE event, and her father called her. Sri lied to him and told him that she had been beaten up by a gang. She just really didn't know what was happening and didn't want him to think badly of her, because she was definitely no longer quite human. She also didn't want to have to confront him about his bigotry right then and there.

Her father went on a rampage, attacking the gang she fingered and getting himself killed. It's her biggest regret in life. Her father's former patrol partner came to visit Sri after his funeral, while she was still in the hospital. She confessed what had happened, but he was very understanding. He had never been happy with her father's bigotry, and knew one day it would be his downfall. But he never expected it to happen this way. He loved her father dearly, and to this day is one of her most cherished friends and protectors. But not confidant. Her most trusted confidant is and will always be Kai.

Not long after, Sri's mother died of a drug overdose. Sri made a deal with her father's former partner to swap their identification, and now Sri was dead, and her ID rendered useless. She was SINless. Her mother incidentally left her everything by trading identities: a beautiful home in Redmond, a sports car, and a fat bank account. Sri wanted to do something big, something important. But she also wanted to stay out of the spotlight. She thought about it long and hard, and decided to become a second-story woman. From the time she had spent in the hospital, she knew a trusted doctor who understood her new strange anatomy better than anyone else. She signed up for enhancements, and the birth of Stalker.

Stalker has burned through most of her mother's savings, squirreling away several months of expenses to keep her mothers' home. She really needs some work to keep up her expensive habits.